Trying to reach that bar at her Uncle Korey's game!

There she goes

LeAnn and her Aunt Kara

Ready to fly

Don't mind LeAnn's hair.....LeAnn and Landon going flying with my dad
We got to spend last week in California on vacation, well I worked most of it but we still had a blast! We stayed with my mom, 5 sisters, 2 brothers, grandma and you can say there was always something to do. Landon had so much fun palying with my brothers, LeAnn got to play with my sister Kara (who just happens to only be 6 months older than her) Lillian, well she decided to start her terrible twos a little early. We got to watch my brother paly baseball, he is pitcher and so much fun to watch. LeAnn and LAndon got to go fly with my dad (I missed out because I was doing a shoot, which explains LeAnn's hair in the pictures) I did get some late night laughs laying on the bed with my sisters and talking about everything and Mike and I did get to go on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend. We had a nice trip and I am now looking forward to going back again in May for my sisters graduation (but no shoots this time, I didn't even have time to shop this vacation..LOL)