Lil Bowtique

I got the chance to do another shoot with Lil Bowtique while in California last week! I had so much fun with the 7 little girls that were in the shoot (one being my own) I am so in love with bows and my husband laughs at me because my girls can't go outside the house without one on, so this shoot was combining two thing I love.
 The owner of Lil Bowtique is someone that I have known for years and she started making bows when her first little girl was born several years ago, she now has a HUGE following and is to be featured on zulily and totsy this month. However, speaking with her you would never know that she was the owner of a one women super show....She is one of the most humble, friendly and down to earth women you will ever meet.
  All of the little girls were wonderful and did just as I asked and my assistant A.K.A my sister, Kelsey was awesome . I know some photographers would think what work it was to have seven children, their mothers and the business owner there would be a lot of work, it was actually a lot of fun!