My 3 inspirations

Well, it's 1 a.m. and as tired as I am my brain will just not shut off! I am embarassed at how far behind I have fallen on my blog and thought I would share my new logo with you....I have searched and searched for what I wanted and just couldn't find it until I found someone to incorporate my 3 children for me. Can I just say that my children are my inspiration for everything and keep me smiling everyday ( not that there aren't a few tears in there too!)  God gave each one of them something so special!
  My oldest( LeAnn) is 5 and lives in her own dream world, I constantly find her talking her brother into taking these grand adventures with her and may I add we had 3 tea parties just today. She loves anything pretty but also goes to her wrestling practice and takes on the boys- She teaches me to believe in my dreams and to always be looking for ways to live them out!
My 3 year old (Landon) is my clown and keeps me laughing...Each morning he comes and give me a hug and says, "Mom, why do I love you so mcuh?" yep, he's a charmer! He is very strong headed and knows what he wants.  A few weeks after he turned 3 he saw the little boy down the street riding his bike with no training wheels so he came and got my husband and had him take his off and just took off- He teaches me to never give up and when I put my mind to something just go for it until I've achieved it!
  My 1 year old (Lillian) we call our tornado. She never stops from the moment she wakes up! Just the other day, I had went to return some emails and came back to find that she taken one of my trash cans over to the dryer and filled my dryer with trash (she is 15 months old) But despite being the baby of the family she makes her presence known! She also has her soft side and loves babies and her blakets- She teaches me that you don't have to be the biggest or most capable to make yourself known but also need your softer side to shine through.
 Each and everyone of the characteristics are one's that I use in my business...When I go to do a shoot, I go to that dream world my daughter lives in and try to make it live out through my pictures! Every time someone doubts I can do something, I draw from my son's determination to show them I can! Every time I feel like the under dog, I remember my little tornado who may be small but find a way to make her voice be heard.
So that is why my children are my logo because not only do they make be a better person but they also make me a better photographer and business women!